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    Nothing captures a sense of place more honestly than an oyster.

    Where you choose to grow an oyster has as much to do with the quality and complexity of the end product as the species you’re growing and the farmer who’s growing them. After all, oysters are filter feeders. They, quite literally, capture the essence of the region (the minerals, the grasses, the plankton) and serve it right up to you. And those nutrient combinations differ from one location to the next. In the oyster business, we call this regional distinction merroir – a nod to the wine term terroir, which speaks to the unique taste characteristics imparted by a given region.

    In the Chesapeake Bay, merroir is on full display. Nowhere do you get such a varied blend, with nutrient rich waters spanning the entire salt spectrum, from subtly sweet to jarringly briny. The Chesapeake affords us a limitless palate within which to create some of the most unique flavors in the world. The sites we’ve chosen represent what, to us, are the region’s signature taste profiles.

    Chesapeake Bay showing locations of our oyster farms
    1Rappahannock River Oysters
    2Rochambeau Oysters
    3Olde Salts Oysters