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    Merroir Tasting Room, Topping, VA

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    Merroir : Topping, VA

    Named The “Most Popular Restaurant” in Every State – People Magazine

    This is where it all started – on the banks of the Rappahannock River overlooking where we grow our oysters. We like to call Merroir a “tasting room,” just so people know to expect something different. Everything is either served raw or cooked on an outdoor grill, small-plate-style, and beautifully paired with craft brews and world-famous wines. Each menu item is singularly-focused, seasonal, and ever-changing, so there’s always a surprise in store.

    Executive Chef: Joleen Park

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    784 Locklies Creek Road
    Topping VA 23169

    Thurs - Tues : 11:30am - 9pm
    Wed : CLOSED

    Wednesdays, Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.

    Limited boat slips available for day-use only.

    (804) 758-2871