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Crassostrea virginica (native)
17-22 ppt.
Ware Neck, Virginia
Drawn from the pristine waters of Mobjack Bay, Stingrays are the quintessential Chesapeake Bay oyster: sweet and mildly briny with a clean, crisp finish. Named after the Bay oyster’s chief predator, these Stingrays bite back!

Between the Rappahannock and York rivers is a land mass known locally as the Middle Peninsula. At its eastern tip, extended out into the Chesapeake Bay, is a smallish bay, some 4 miles by 7 miles, formed by the confluence of four minor but immensely scenic rivers: the East, North, Ware, and Severn. Though technically a bay within a bay, Mobjack Bay most assuredly gets its greatest influence from the expansive Atlantic, just 25 miles to its southeast. In fact, Mobjack almost looks as if it’s poised to “catch” the influx of salt streaming in from the ocean. This proximity, if not this design, delivers a far greater bite of salt than the Rappahannock, and yet the Mobjack Oyster is still touched by the sweetness of its freshwater sources.