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P.O. Box 88
Topping, VA 23169

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Rappahannock Restaurant Richmond VA

Rappahannock is our take on farm-to-table. As “farmers,” we’re in a unique position to bring together the world’s greatest food growers with one of the nation’s best chefs, Chef Dylan Fultineer of Blackbird and Hungry Cat fame. You’ll enjoy a menu that’s unmatched in its freshness and originality, as well as carefully selected craft beers & wines, signature cocktails, and an enormous raw bar focusing on our very own oyster farms.
320 East Grace St., Richmond, VA • 804-545-0565
Rappahannock Reservations
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Rappahannock Oyster Bar Washington DC

Situated within the historic Union Market in Washington, DC's NOMA district, Rappahannock Oyster Bar has been recognized by the Wall Street Journal as one of the 5 top oyster bars in America. It features our very own celebrated shellfish, as well as a spectacular line up of small plate offering, wines, primarily local craft beers, and cocktails.
1309 5th St. NE, Washington, DC • 202-544-4702

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Rocksalt Restaurant Charlottesville

This is where it all started – on the banks of the Rappahannock River overlooking where we grow our oysters. We like to call Merroir a “tasting room,” just so people know to expect something different. Everything is either served raw or cooked on an outdoor grill, small-plate-style, and beautifully paired with craft brews and world-famous wines. Each menu item is singularly-focused, seasonal, and ever-changing, so there’s always a surprise in store.
784 Locklies Creek Rd., Topping, VA • 804-758-2871

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Merroir Restaurant Topping VA

A seafood-centric restaurant located in the Shops at Stonefield in Charlottesville, VA. ROCKSALT aims to support farmers and artisans from both land and sea!
2075 Bond Street, Suite 180 Charlottesville VA • 434-326-5665

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