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Oyster Recipes

Other oyster companies will bandy about a hunnert or so oyster recipes. Wonder what they're hiding behind all those ingredients. With Rappahannock River Oysters it's all about the oyster. Keep the dressing to a minimum. Our premium select oysters come straight from the center of the Chesapeake Bay watershed. No need to tell you that oyster connoisseurs across the globe have long deemed the Chesapeake Bay region as the best-tasting oyster grounds in the world. And for those in the know, oysters grown in the Rappahannock River are about as close to perfection as you can get. The perfect combination of salt, tenderness, and natural flavors make our oysters the most succulent on the market. Now, many will say that the best way to eat an oyster is raw. But for those of you who are skittish about eating raw oysters we're happy to recommend a few cooked-oyster recipes.

All of these recipes are simple and have one thing in common - they're centered around the unmatched flavor of Rappahannock River oysters. In no way are any of these recipes used to hide the flavor, nor are they meant to accompany another dish. When you have an oysters as good as ours, you give it center stage.


Steamed Oysters
Roasted Oysters
Fried Oysters
Stewed Oysters
Oyster Stew
oyster recipes
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