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Roasted Oysters

If you've never roasted oysters, you dont' know what you're missing. Oyster roasts are synonymous with "good times." Best of all, the only requirements for roasting the perfect oyster is a grill and a large quantity of Rappahannock River Brand oysters. We'll sell ya the oysters - but the grill's on you.

Here's how to do it: If you're like us, you don't care how sloppy your grill gets, but most people will want to make a tray out of aluminum foil to place on the grill. Fire that grill up and place Rappahannock River Brand oysters on the aluminum foil tray. Make sure you don't pile these guys on top of each other - try and get them so that one side of each oyster is resting on the foil. If you place these guys on top of each other, they'll cook unevenly and you don't need that hassle now do ya?

Almost forgot. We lied. There are two more ingredients for roasted oysters - massive quantities of beer and melted butter. You can put a stick of butter in a cup, bowl or saucepan (approved for grilling, of course), place it on the top rack of the grill and just keep an eye on it for when it starts to boil.

Back to the oysters - once you have them scattered evenly on the grill's surface, close the top of the grill and grab your beer - you're done for a few minutes, enjoy yourself. Once you hear a couple pops, open the grill and check to see if most of the oysters have opened up. If so, it's time to get a thick glove, a fork and possibly a shucking knife. Put the glove on and grab an oyster with that hand. Then stick your fork into the opening and pull out as much of the oyster as you can (at first you'll probably leave half of the animal in the shell, but you'll improve over time).

Our oysters are incredibly flavored by themselves, but no Southern boy would ever not recommend dipping anything into melted butter, so give that a shot. The last step of this process is to give yourself a headstart by telling everyone at your party that your not sure if the oysters are ready or not and you'll check to see. Eat about 5 of those guys undercover before declaring them finished. That way you can satisfy your appetite until you cook the next batch and can enjoy your beer while everyone else crowds around the grill. For extra fun, tell 'em they don't need to use the glove and watch as they burn their hands. Can be a pretty entertaining affair sometimes.

That's it, repeat the process until everyone's had enough. Roasted oysters have a flavor all their own, and this is actually the oldest recipe (aside from raw) around. Native Americans ate their share of raw oysters, but when they wanted a special treat, they made a fire on the shoreline and roasted these guys like marshmallows. Ya can't beat it.

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